Friday, May 30, 2008

The Advent of the Thairapy Vest

Jennifer, at age fourteen, after the advent of the Thairapy Vest. It gave her alot more freedom with her treatments, but she still always loved for me to "beat" on her. Treatment time was always a special time for us. We would practice spelling words when she was young, do multiplication tables and just talk....I loved those times.

Jennifer as a baby

Precious baby Jennifer....Aunt Kimberly always said she looked like a cute little baby monkey in this picture. I don't think so.


This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Jennifer on the trip to the West that her Aunt Kimberly took her on.
They had such a wonderful time.

Delivery of Jennifer Project Bags

This is a picture of Kimberly and I delivering our first of the "Jennifer Project" bags to the hospital. We were so proud to do this on Jennifer's thirtieth birthday. We are now in the process of getting ideas together for our next delivery. Any ideas for teenage boys would be greatly appreciated!!!