Friday, February 25, 2011


I am still a little tired, but am feeling good! My heart is just singing! My sweet sister, Kimberly, turns the big 5-0 this year, and I turn the huge 6-0! We are looking forward to these milestone birthdays because...WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH!! YAY! Missy, Lisa, Pig, Marie, Kimberly and me!! We aren't going until October, but our condo is booked! I can hardly wait to hear the ocean and put my feet in the sand! Jennifer and I LOVED going to the beach...that was such a special time for us and I have many wonderful memories to cherish there. We had planned on a trip to go after she got out of the hospital on that last visit before she died. At first, I didn't think that I would ever be able to go again...since she wouldn't be with me. It will soon be five years since she passed away...I now think that it would make her happy for me to go and that she would want me to go, especially with good friends. I know there will be some emotional moments, but I am really looking forward to it...I will feel her there with me, as I can feel her with me everyday!

I am looking forward to a good weekend as well. I will go to church on Sunday, then go to Kimberly's for some ya ya time. I will spend the night with her, go to chemo Monday morning and Bible Study Monday night..coming back home on Tuesday morning.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! I still have my pink gloves on and will continue to "Fight Like a Girl"!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My bother-in-law, George, has been fighting lymphoma...he had a CT last week and was to return to the doctor today for his results and his next chemo. His CT was CLEAR...NO CANCER...PRAISE THE LORD!! He didn't even have to have his chemo treatment today...he will return in a month and have a follow up CT to make sure it is still clear. He was so very sick at the beginning, but after only six treatments, he is clear. I am so happy for him...he was over the other day and I could tell he was getting discouraged. Prayer is so powerful!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What a wonderful weekend! I went to a wonderful church service on Sunday morning...always makes my week go so much better...had ya ya time with Kimberly and Lisa. On Monday, Kimberly had to go to Conway...Missy met me for chemo, we had a wonderful lunch and visit at Izzy's, followed by her favorite dessert cakes from Blue Cake Bakery...she is really getting me hooked on these wonderful little cakes. I went to Bible Study on Monday was so wonderful being there and visiting with Mica and others...perfect end to a great day! Tuesday morning, I was finally able to meet Linda for a birthday breakfast celebrating her 50th had been delayed because of the bad weather we had been having. Linda is always so uplifting and inspiring...good for the soul...was so happy to hear that she going on our beach trip in October with us....this is going to be such an awesome trip...I can hardly wait! I know that as fast as the time seems to be passing by, it won't be long until we will have our feet in the sand!

Last week this time, we had seven inches of snow and temperatures in the teens....yesterday, it was 72 degrees here and we are expecting these wonderful temperatures all week...Spring is in the air, for sure! You have to love Arkansas weather....the beauty of snow one week and the fresh air of Spring the next!

I finished round #25 of chemo...was given an additional diuretic for a couple of days to help with the swelling in my legs...Kimberly has also read lately about the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice while taking chemo...I asked the nurse about it and got the okay to use it...hopefully it will also help with the swelling....Have I ever told you what an awesome sister I have??? She is always researching things that help you while fighting this grateful for her!

Hope everyone has a good week and can get outside for a little while and enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it....who knows if we will have more snow in our future?? I have my pink gloves on and am still "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The snow is coming...just beginning to arrive in Hot Springs! It is hard to believe that we have gotten this much snow this year....I love the beauty and purity of the watching the birds and squirrels and love seeing my furry daughters hop around in it like rabbits! Everything looks so bright, clean and fresh! I don't like that people have to get out in it, have accidents or fall. I truly miss my job, but at times like these, I am grateful that I don't have the stress of getting to work and having to stay the night at the hospital. I pray for the safety of my friends and co workers as they make their way in. We are expecting around 8 to 10 inches of snow here, which is very unusual for us....12 degrees here tonight...and then a warming trend this weekend to the 60's, with a touch of Spring next week...gotta love Arkansas weather! The horse races at Oaklawn are closed again today, which is bad for the economy here...I think they have already had to close six days this season so far, due to the weather...perhaps, they will be able to make up the days at the end of the season.

I am grateful to have a warm house and fireplace during this weather...thankful that hubby will be off work after today...he works at a grocery store and he said yesterday was like Christmas or Thanksgiving...they were so busy with people preparing for the storm. I am grateful that my sweet sister will be able to stay warm and work from home.

There is something about this kind of weather that makes you want to cook comfort food and bake. I am now on the uphill swing of the chemo cycle and feeling much better...will cook something good today and probably bake some cookies! I also hope to get some cards made...had gotten behind on this since I have felt so bad. I am looking forward to a good rest of the week...going to church on Sunday, then ya ya time and then chemo again on Monday!

Keeping my pink gloves on....(along with my hat), and keep "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Hoping everyone stays warm and safe...have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the beauty of the snow!

Monday, February 7, 2011


This last chemo treatment really zapped, achy, tired and some nausea. I am happy to say that I am on the mend...this should be a good week. I hate feeling bad with the chemo, but I really hate having to miss church and ya ya time on Sundays..getting out for this just makes my whole week go better...nothing like worship time and craft time to lift your spirits. I had planned on going to Little Rock today, go to Bible Study tonight, spend the night with Kimberly and then try and meet with Linda in the morning. When I got up this morning at 4:00, it was snowing like crazy...although it has now warmed up and most of it has melted. My leg is a little swollen today, so I have decided to stay home and look forward to next weekend. We are supposed to get another BIG winter storm on Wednesday. I have always loved snow and the beauty of it...but I think I have had enough this year...I am ready for Spring and planting flowers and vegetables.

We are really getting excited about our beach trip in October! Missy has already been researching houses and condos...and is already getting some good response. The beach was mine and Jennifer's favorite place to go together. I know that it will be hard to go without her...but, I really think that she would want me to is so hard to believe that she has been gone for almost five years...sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday....I miss her everyday and always will. I am so grateful of the promise that I will see her again.

Hope everyone stays warm and safe and has a great week. I will keep my pink gloves on and "Keep Fighting Like a Girl"!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


There have been alot of questions about why I must continue to take chemo, although my scans are clear. I was hoping that it would be like my last fight with cancer eleven years ago and after clear scans, I would stop treatment. I can remember Dr. Sternberg telling me eleven years ago, that if the cancer ever came back, that meant that we didn't get it all. Dr. Sneed explained that this cancer is metastatic from the original cancer. When I was diagnosed in July of 1999, I had Stage IIIB Inflammatory Breast Cancer...not a very good diagnosis to receive, but by the love and grace of God and the care of good doctors, I am still here. I found out that I had this recurrence in my bone in December 2009. I have been taking chemo since that time and am doing well, being cancer free at this time. Dr. Sneed says that I am triple negative, meaning negative for taking a hormone pill or other oral treatment. He said that he wants to keep the cancer away and that is why I have to continue the chemo....while receiving my chemo, I have met another lady that had a recurrence a year and a half after her diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, as well as a couple of other patients who have had breast or other cancers and they will continue to take the chemo like me. Yes, there are side effects, and yes I have days of not feeling so well...but I get up everyday thanking God that I have another day. He has the plan for me and He is in control. I always pray for God to guide the doctors in my care and others who are facing medical issues. I will continue to trust my doctors and follow their advice. I am so very grateful for my family and wonderful friends who give me so much love, encouragement and support. This means the world to me...I get by with a little help from my friends and the love and grace of God...I will keep my pink gloves on and will "Keep Fighting Like a Girl!"

I just want everyone to know that I really am doing well and am so grateful for all of you...I cherish your friendship.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What a wonderful weekend!! I went to Kimberly's on Saturday morning...had some wonderful ya ya time with Kimberly and Lisa...then on to a surprise engagement party for Stacie and such a beautiful and happy couple...I was so happy to be a part of their celebration! On Sunday morning, I went to early church, then back to Kimberly's where we had a wonderful lunch and were joined by friends and family to work on our blanket project for the Jennifer Project and for the patients in the chemo room where I receive my chemo...with alot of love and help, we were able to complete 30 blankets...they were very well received at chemo..will brighten the room and keep the patients warm while receiving their infusions...will try to get the Jennifer Project blankets delivered soon. Sunday night,I met with the Pajama Mama's, our little group that meets at IHOP wearing our Pajamas...we had three new members and had such a great time....Laughter is really the best medicine and we had our share...alot of the other customers said they wished they had known it was pajama night LOL! We explained about our little group, saying we thought this was more fun than wearing a red hat! On Monday, I had Round #24 of chemo...Dr. Sneed said that my cancer markers are up..we will watch this closely, but he is glad that my scans are clear...that is what we use to determine the success of the chemo..the numbers can fluctuate for different reasons...he said that I look good and he is happy with my progress...will just keep my pink gloves on and "Keep Fighting Like a Girl"....I know that God is in control and that He is in control all the time! After chemo, Missy joined us and treated us to wonderful lunch at MiMi's cafe...yum! Missy and I then went to this wonderful bakery and got dessert...we then went for a manicure, then back to Kimberly's for dessert and a good visit. I went to Bible Study afterwards and then came back and spent the night with Kimberly. My plan was to meet Linda Young Tuesday morning before coming home to celebrate her birthday with breakfast at Cracker Barrel...we postponed our plans until next week because of the horrible weather....As you can tell, I had a wonderful was so good to get out of the house and be with friends after having a couple of homebound weeks due to chemo..."I get by with a little help from my friends and the love and grace of God! I am so grateful and feel so blessed!

The weather here is very cold...19 degrees here with a wind chill of 8 degrees...nothing like my relatives in Illinois are experiencing...but very cold here in thankful to have a warm house and a great fireplace to snuggle by with my furry daughters...