Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The snow is coming...just beginning to arrive in Hot Springs! It is hard to believe that we have gotten this much snow this year....I love the beauty and purity of the watching the birds and squirrels and love seeing my furry daughters hop around in it like rabbits! Everything looks so bright, clean and fresh! I don't like that people have to get out in it, have accidents or fall. I truly miss my job, but at times like these, I am grateful that I don't have the stress of getting to work and having to stay the night at the hospital. I pray for the safety of my friends and co workers as they make their way in. We are expecting around 8 to 10 inches of snow here, which is very unusual for us....12 degrees here tonight...and then a warming trend this weekend to the 60's, with a touch of Spring next week...gotta love Arkansas weather! The horse races at Oaklawn are closed again today, which is bad for the economy here...I think they have already had to close six days this season so far, due to the weather...perhaps, they will be able to make up the days at the end of the season.

I am grateful to have a warm house and fireplace during this weather...thankful that hubby will be off work after today...he works at a grocery store and he said yesterday was like Christmas or Thanksgiving...they were so busy with people preparing for the storm. I am grateful that my sweet sister will be able to stay warm and work from home.

There is something about this kind of weather that makes you want to cook comfort food and bake. I am now on the uphill swing of the chemo cycle and feeling much better...will cook something good today and probably bake some cookies! I also hope to get some cards made...had gotten behind on this since I have felt so bad. I am looking forward to a good rest of the week...going to church on Sunday, then ya ya time and then chemo again on Monday!

Keeping my pink gloves on....(along with my hat), and keep "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Hoping everyone stays warm and safe...have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the beauty of the snow!

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