Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Ole Days VS Modern Technology!

Have you ever wondered how things would be if we didn't have today's technology?  I sometimes think that the simplier life we used to have was better....kids playing outside using their imaginations (not relying on video games for entertainment), writing real letters and cards...not just sending emails and texts...I still love giving and receiving snail mail, no cell phones that we think we are tied to, yes we had answering machines and pagers to keep connected.  All the simple pleasures in life are good, but tecnology has its blessings for sure.  I have connected with many people from my past, and am able to keep up with friends and family through the advent of facebook....I truly enjoy this social media.  I am able because of the internet to hear sermons from church, when I am not able to go on Sunday morning...not the same as being there in fellowship with others, but am not missing the message.  Through the internet, I have access to information that I would never dream of being able to find....from health information to the best buys when shopping for something.  I still like to hold a real book in my hands to read....like my daughter Jennifer used to say....to smell the pages of a new book is wonderful.  This is one thing that I don't think I want to give up.  Every time I read a book, I feel Jennifer and her love for books.  I can't even imagine what it will be like twenty years from now, and the kids of today will be telling their children and grandchildren about the good ole days we are in now!  What a future it will be,  for sure!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is one anniversay date that I wish I didn't have. One year ago today, we had to watch our home, our two precious dogs and 41 years of our life go up in smoke! We are grateful that we got out alive....we have each other. This past year has brought so many blessings to us, that it is really hard to believe. A wonderful couple, Joe and Cindy Spadoni saw our story on the news. They called me and GAVE us a home....unbelievable!  This act of love caused a domino effect in total strangers, family and friends coming together and furnishing our home, giving us clothes (we ony had the clothes on our back), clearing off the remains of the fire, building us a wonderful porch (where we spend most of our time....especially when the hummingbirds are out.)  I just can't find the words to express how grateful we are.  I have a wonderful room built on for my craft studio, which will be m haven.  I can hardly wait to get moved in and get it set up.  It is unbelievable how many wonderful craft items I have been given....amazing.  A week after the fire, my craft supplies and stamps and things were still smoldering in the fire.  Jim and Joanna Dennis were so wonderful to let us stay in their lake home, while we were getting the house ready...such a generous thing to do!

Going through a tragedy like this is hard.  You realize that the material things can be replaced.  It is just hard not having all the scrapbooks I made of Jennifer, pictures, things of Jennifer, my Mother's furniture and things.  The memories will always be in my heart!  It is strange that even after a year, you go to find something, then remember that it was lost in the fire.  You just can't dwell on it, you just have to move on and make new memories.  God has the plan for all of us....He is always in control and one thing I know is that He is good and He is good ALL the time!  My Mother always told me that each of life's struggles, make you stronger...she was right!  I reflect on this last year, and I am so very grateful for all the people that have touched our lives.....God's Angels...showing God's love.  I pray that one day, I will be able to pay it forward, and help someone in need!  This whole year has made me even more desiring to follow Christ more closely and serve others

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Janice Cockrill rescued a little yorkie from a Puppy Mill. She is so busy with working and her Cockrill Critters business, that she didn't have the time for her. Of course, when she asked me to take her, I had to say yes. We love Yorkies, especially ones in need of a home. We miss our little Desi so very much and want a good playmate for Lucy. Gracie is very sweet and lovable, but not very playful. She has come a long way since she was left here...a completely different dog. She knows she is loved and she loves us. I met Janice in Benton and brought Mickey home with me. It is possible that she is pregnant...Janice said that she had a mate, but they weren't sure that she got pregnant. When I arrived home with her, I didn't have a leash and collar for her yet. I put one of Lucy's outfits on her that had a ring for the leash. Well, she got out of the car and slipped out of the outfit. Of course, she doesn't know us yet and wouldn't come to us. Each time, we would get close to her, she would run away. At midnight, she finally came on the porch and Pete was able to get her...a very scary and stressful night. When I told Janice what had happened, she said she did the same thing to her when she first got her. After the big dog up the hill killed our little Desi and injured my friend Linda's Rudy, we were really afraid for her. Today, she has slept most of the day on the couch, but doesn't run away when we talk to her....I think she will adjust, will just take time. We are happy to be able to give her a home!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Had a great day yesterday. visiting with Kimberly, Missy and Laura. Gracie got alot of one on one attention and petting from Laura. Missy brought her awesone cupcakes....I promise, you can gain five pounds just looking at them! They are ALMOST too pretty to eat. Laura made me a gorgeous scarf...pink, cream and brown...the same yarn that she used to make my prayer shawl...she is so talented and ever so sweet! Kimberly brought fabric to decide on for the kitchen curtains...so cute. We looked at fabric for the craft room...it is slowly getting there. Kinberly still amazes me with her sewing...she is amazing and always wanting to do for others! I am so blessed to have her for my sister! I will be so excited to get everything moved into the craft room, instead of having it all over the house. Not complaining, we have come a long way towards the completion! It is going to be wonderful! Pete still not feeling great...but maybe a little better! Still praying for him to get where he can enjoy life and not be in constant pain! He still doesn't feel like he can make the drive or ride in the car to go to Little Rock for church this morning...sure hate to miss again. Hopefully, we will get back on schedule soon. I am grateful that I can listen to the servi on the Internet....don't get to hear the music which I love so much! It is supposed to warm up some this week...still a tad bit of snow around. We had a very heavy frost this morning...looked like it had snowedso again! Lucy slid on her belly all the way down the steps this morning! Gracie takes her time going down, and doesn't have a problem. These two are as different as night and day, but we love them both and they bring us so much joy. Kimberly brought us a Michigan Bulb catalog yesterday....gives you Spring Fever just looking at it. I am hoping that we will be able to have a good garden this year and I will be able to can and freeze alot! My goal for this week is to begin on my re-organizing, so that I can become more organized. God is good and He is good ALL the time!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Christmas 2012 will be a Christmas we will never forget. I have always wanted a white Christmas...I sure got my wish this year. Kimberly came over on Christmas Eve and we grilled steaks and she spent the night. We got up on Christmas morning and I cooked breakfast and we opened gifts and visited awhile. There was a threat of bad weather...we weren't really expecting much, as usual. It started raining and the temperature started dropping, so Kimberly left so that she could get back to Little Rock before the weather got worse. About 2:00 or so, we lost our power. Then, we were granted our wish for a white Christmas. It was truly a blizzard...about 10 inches of snow fell in a time period of about five hours. It was beautiful, but oh, so cold. Brother-in-law, George, came over Christmas afternoon and spent the night, without power still. The temperature continued to drop, and it didn't look too promising on having our power back on. George got out with his truck and then we loaded up the dogs, CPAP machines and clothes and found a motel room. We stayed there from Wednesday until Sunday afternoon. Came back home, hoping that we would have power back soon. We had power for about an hour, then it went out again. Very cold, but we got under enough blankets and made it. We finally got power on that stayed on, about 1:00 yesterday afternoon...Praise the Lord!! What a blessing to wake up this morning to a warm house, able to make coffee...I will never take electricity for granted again! 2012 was a challenging year for us...losing our home and 42 years of our belongings last January in the fire, but we have been so blessed and are so grateful and humbled by all the blessings we have received from God's Angels that helped us start to rebuild our lives, we have made new friends, rekindled older friendships and been so blessed by the kindness and generosity of strangers. I am CANCER FREE, have a stronger desire to help others, want to follow God closer....I know that the little things in life are the most important...the love of friends and family is the best gift. Yes, we have had many challenges with Pete's health, the loss of family members and friends and we will face more of life's challenges. The one thing I know for sure is that God is good and He is good ALL the time, He is in control and He has the plan for each of us! My sweet Mother always told me that with each of life's struggles, you become stronger...she was so right! I pray for 2013 to be a good year for all of us! Take time to let the people in your life know that you love them and how much they mean to you! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!