Monday, September 27, 2010


I have anxiously been waiting for the first sign of crisp air, being able to open the windows in the house, waiting for the gorgeous colors of the trees, feeling and hearing the crush of leaves under your feet, seeing pansies, mums and pumpkins....just that excitement that makes you happy and feel good...especially after the hot summer we have had. It was 55 degrees here this it.

I had chemo on Friday and it hit me hard yesterday...had chills to the bone. I had three layers of clothing on and was under quilts and blankets before I could even begin to get warm....such a miserable feeling. I was fortunate this time that I didn't get fever like I did last time....started taking Ibuprofen right away like the nurse told me to. Last time, it didn't hit me until Monday...not complaining...just my assurance that the chemo is working...killing or should I say freezing LOL those cancer cells. As long as the chemo is working, I can handle it and will try not to complain too much.

I am sad that I missed church yesterday and will probably have to miss Bible Study tonight, unless I get to feeling a whole lot better...sure don't want to feel like I did last time when the chills hit me. My next chemo will be on Thursday because Dr. Sneed will be out of town and the Hot Springs office doesn't do chemo on Friday. If it works out that the chills are over with on Monday, then I will try to change my chemo day to Thursday, so I won't have to miss Bible Study.

My friend, Joan, has finaly arrived in Arkansas...have been looking forward to her visit since I last saw her in the Spring. We had made plans to go to church Sunday morning, then have lunch with Patti. I was very achy when I got up yesterday morning, but the chills had not yet set in. Joan had gone to visit her sister in Mena and when it got late, she had to spend the night in Mena, instead of driving back to Hot Springs after being exhausted from her trip to Arkansas. When she woke up yesterday morning, she was very ill....I felt so bad for her and so helpless, not being able to do anything to help her. I know it must be so miserable to be so far away from home and sick. I hope to talk to her this morning and pray that she is feeling much better.

Sweet Kimberly is moving into a new apartment...a downstairs apartment. It is in the same wonderful complex, just another building. It is a little bit bigger, having a coat closet, linen closet and a larger patio. I think she is really going to like it. I feel the main reason that she is moving is for that I don't have to climb all those stairs. I hate that this was chemo week and I was unable to help her pack. She is blessed with many wonderful friends that came and helped her so much. I am sure that next week when I am feeling better, she will be able to find a couple of boxes for me to unpack. I am looking forward to helping her with that. I am very excited for her and looking forward to the new craft room...she is so sweet and generous with her time, talent, cooking for us, sharing all her wonderful supplies and inspiration! She is the best sister and hostess ever..the Queen Ya Ya for her with all my heart.

Hoping these chills go away soon so that I can enjoy this wonderful Fall weather that I have been waiting soon as it does, you will find me outside on the swing with a good book...until then I will keep my pink gloves on and keep "Fighting Like a Girl"!!!1

Friday, September 24, 2010


I had round 16 of chemo is hard to believe that it has been this many..starting on December 21st of last year..the time has gone by so fast..can hardly believe that October is next week. My Dad used to always tell me that the older you get, the faster the time goes. He certainly was right on this one...I don't know where the time would think that with me not working that I would have plenty of time..but it just slips away from me somehow. Although the chemo seems to have alot more side effects than when I was taking it eleven years ago, I am so truly grateful that I am doing so well and getting good reports. I don't like having to be on a walker, but it is better than falling and I sure don't want to do anything to harm my new hip or break something else...that would be a real setback. Each time I go for chemo and talk to the other patients, I realize that I could be alot worse. Sharing our stories with each other, gives us encouragement and hope. It looks like I will be taking chemo for quite sometime, but when I talk to others who have been taking it for ten years and are still fighting and smiling, I know that I can do it too. God is in control and He has the plan for me..will just try to be patient and follow it.

So much sadness this friend lost her brother suddenly and another friend lost her Dad suddenly. This is so heart aches for these families and the difficult times ahead for them. I pray that God will give them peace, comfort and strength. I feel so helpless, not being able to ease their pain.

I am praying that the chemo side effects will not be as bad as last time. My high school friend, Joan, will be in Hot Springs this weekend. She hopes to go to church with me and then have lunch with Patti and me. It is so good to see friends that you haven't seen in 40 years...I was able to see Joan when she was here in the Spring and I enjoyed it so much.

Kimberly is moving to an apartment in her same complex, but it will be downstairs. I feel so bad that this is for me and that I won't be able to help her move since it is chemo week. She is blessed with many wonderful friends that are going to help, but I still think that I should be helping her. She is always there to help me.

I am so looking forward to the cooler weather..can't wait to feel that cool crispness in the air. In the meantime, I will keep my pink gloves on and will keep "Fighting Like a Girl"...I get by with the love and grace of God and a little help from my friends!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What a great day...back from the pulmonologist appointment with Kimberly...such great news...she does have pulmonary hypertension, but if you have to have it, she has the best kind and a good prognosis! Hers is caused from her sleep apnea and not being able to wear her CPAP. She truly has tried to wear it and be compliant, but she always wakes up with it off. The doctor told her that there are new and improved machines now and more options for a mask. She will go back to the sleep apnea doctor and have another sleep study....hopefully, they will be able to find the proper device that she can tolerate and wear...if not, I will go over there with my ole trusty duck tape LOL!!! After about three months of being compliant, she will have more testing to see if she has improved. My sister has been my rock during all these health problems of mine...she has always been by my side. She was so nervous and frightened about the appointment today...I felt totally helpless in calming her. I knew in my heart that she was going to get good news. I know that God is always in control and that He has the plan for each of us....I had peace about this and am so very grateful that mine and all the other prayers were heard and answered...GOD IS SOOO GOOD AND HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME...PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Love you to the moon and sweet sister, Kimberly!!!!

Prayers for Kimberly

This is the long awaited day for Kimberly. She sees the pulmonologist today. I really feel in my heart that we will get good news. Her arterial gram showed squeaky clean arteries and a strong heart...that is awesome news. I am sure that she will be told that the pulmonary hypertension can easily be treated. Thank you for all the love and prayers. I really don't like for Kimberly to be on this side of the sister thing...would much prefer for me just to remain being the patient and she continue to be my cheerleader. I will be here for everything for her, just like she is for me...we laugh about what a pair we are going to be....sharing a room in the nursing home together...hopefully, they will let us teach card making to the other residents...LOL!!! Keep the prayers coming...thank you!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, this week didn't start out exactly like I had hoped, but it is getting better. I had a wonderful day on Sunday....going to church, brunch with Lisa and Kimberly and the wonderful news that Stacie is engaged (had been long awaiting that phone call)...being very grateful that taking chemo on Friday was really going to be great and not interfere with my church activities and Ya Ya time...I was very excited. On Monday, I went to see Charlotte...who is recovering from her knee replacement surgery..she is doing so well!! I left Charlotte's house with the intention of meeting Mica for dinner and then we were to go to Bible Study..a great ending to a good day. As soon as I got a block down the street from Charlotte's, I got the worst chills I think I have ever had...chilled to the was 90 degrees outside and I had the heater on in the car, as well as the heated seats! As I was calling Mica to tell her that I had probably better go back home, she was calling me to tell me that she was stuck in her van...the ramp would not go down and her battery had gone dead. I felt so bad not knowing what to do to help her, but she assured me that a neighbor would soon be home to help her! Bless her heart...she is such a strong and wonderful person....such an inspiration to everyone! We both had to miss the first night of Bible Study after looking forward to it for so long...and Dena and Karen Mason sang and Ines talked....everyone I have talked to said it was awesome!!! Hopefully, nothing will stop us next Monday night!

Oh, yes, on the way home from Little Rock on Monday, there was a horrible wreck on the interstate and traffic was stopped on the interstate as well as all the back took me two and a half hours to get home...with chills. During the night, my temperature went up...called the nurse and she said that looks like this is going to be a pattern with me from the chemo, since I had chills last time too. She said if the fever didn't go down with tylenol or ibuprofen or lasted more than three days to call them back. I am very grateful that I was much better on felt really good to be hot and have to change out of winter clothing and turn on the fan!! God is good and He is good all the time!!

Sweet Kimberly had her V/Q lung scan on Tuesday, with good blood clots...again, God is good and He is good all the time! Will be glad when we see the pulmonologist next Wednesday and see what he wants to do for the pulmonary hypertension. We have alot of prayer warriors out there and are so very grateful for each one...I know the power of prayer and know that God is in control and will take care of my sweet sister!!

Another good thing that made this week turn out better is the arrival of the Worrell twin babies on Wednesday...they are adorable and Mom and Dad are just beaming...welcome these little miracles...Eli and Zac! One has red hair and one has blonde! What a miracle and what a blessing!!

I am looking forward to a great on Sunday and a visit with some friends I haven't seen since graduation...then some ya ya time. Next week, I will get to visit with another high school is good!

Being so grateful for feeling better...still have the pink gloves on and am "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had round #15 of chemo on Friday...I was having chemo on Mondays, but due to the holiday on Monday, I was changed to Fridays! I think that I will like this schedule better! It is Sunday, and I still feel pretty good..hoping this will help prevent me from missing church on chemo weeks!!! I sure have a much better week when I am able to go to church!

I am still having problems with the neuropathy in my hands and feet. Dr. Sneed started me on Lyrica..hoping this will help! I am very grateful that my little "geysers" have dried up and my swelling is much improved. One of the side effects that I read on Lyrica is swelling...praying this won't be the case for me! Don't want that to happen again!

Am anxious for the next two weeks to be over...want to hear what the pulmonologist says about Kimberly...I really feel good about it..her arterial gram was so good with clean areteries and a strong heart! That is wonderful news!

Hoping we have more fall like weather this week. We had a nice rain here yesterday..should be good for what is left of the garden. Hoping to put up alot more okra! We sure are missing our tomatoes, but grateful that we had such good ones, while we had them!

I still have my pink gloves on and am still "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have said many times how very blessed I am with the best baby sister ever! She is always there for me! She has been my rock and my pillow through the loss of Jennifer and for all my past and present health battles....always encouraging me, supporting me, inspiring me and cheering me on! She is the best chemo buddy ever...being with me during chemo and cheering me on! She is truly amazing! I really don't even mind being mistaken for her Mom EVERY TIME we are at the hospital or a doctor's would be an honor to be her Mom (although, I may have to rethink the decision not to color my hair after it grows out LOL!)

Ever since we were children growing up, I wanted to protect Kimberly and keep her out of harm's way...even away from the "other sister"! She was so tiny and so very sweet! As her big sister, I always did and still do want the very best for her! If I could take any of life's unpleasant events for her, I would in a heartbeat! She means the world to me. She is the most caring, giving and compassionate person I know...always thinking of others and what she can do for them!

Tuesday she had an arterial gram...thankfully, it showed that her arteries were squeaky clean and her heart is strong...YAY! God is soooo good! However, it showed that the pressure in her lungs is elevated, which may be pulmomary hypertension. She will have a lung scan next Tuesday and then follow up with a pulmonologist the following week. I know that we don't have any answers yet...but to me, her having a strong heart is a good sign! We need to stop googling and wait for answers from the lung scan and the doctor's visit. I am calling on all my wonderful prayer warriors once again...this time for Kimberly...please keep her close in your prayers...Thank you so much!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am welcoming September with open looking forward to fall and cool, crisp weather! I know that in Arkansas, it sometimes doesn't come until October, but I can be hopeful.

August was a month that I won't soon forget! I had to resign from my job of twenty years that I absolutely loved, had to be admitted to the hospital, had my fourteenth round of chemo on Kimberly's birthday, had a bone scan scare and am having to do IV antibiotics at home...I am grateful that I can do them out of the hospital! I thought my "little geyser" had dried up and was on my way to recovery...then a new leak happened on my other leg! I must have the weirdest body ever! I will go to the doctor today to have the new one checked out! If all is well, I will be able to stop the IV antibiotics tomorrow!

As I have said many times before, I am blessed with the best sister in the world! She is always there for me....she has been the best nurse in the world while I am taking the IV antibiotics! I have stayed in Little Rock with she was able to work from home....I have so enjoyed being with her! We will be able to spend more time together this weekend at the Scrapbook Corner Crop! I so enjoyed the Relay for Life Cancer Crop and I am looking forward to this one too! Hopefully, I will get alot of cards made!

Due to Monday being Labor Day, I won't have my chemo until next Friday! This should give me a few extra days of feeling good! I am still "Fighting Like a Girl"...keeping my pink gloves on!