Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prayers for Kimberly

This is the long awaited day for Kimberly. She sees the pulmonologist today. I really feel in my heart that we will get good news. Her arterial gram showed squeaky clean arteries and a strong heart...that is awesome news. I am sure that she will be told that the pulmonary hypertension can easily be treated. Thank you for all the love and prayers. I really don't like for Kimberly to be on this side of the sister thing...would much prefer for me just to remain being the patient and she continue to be my cheerleader. I will be here for everything for her, just like she is for me...we laugh about what a pair we are going to be....sharing a room in the nursing home together...hopefully, they will let us teach card making to the other residents...LOL!!! Keep the prayers coming...thank you!!

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