Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, this week didn't start out exactly like I had hoped, but it is getting better. I had a wonderful day on Sunday....going to church, brunch with Lisa and Kimberly and the wonderful news that Stacie is engaged (had been long awaiting that phone call)...being very grateful that taking chemo on Friday was really going to be great and not interfere with my church activities and Ya Ya time...I was very excited. On Monday, I went to see Charlotte...who is recovering from her knee replacement surgery..she is doing so well!! I left Charlotte's house with the intention of meeting Mica for dinner and then we were to go to Bible Study..a great ending to a good day. As soon as I got a block down the street from Charlotte's, I got the worst chills I think I have ever had...chilled to the was 90 degrees outside and I had the heater on in the car, as well as the heated seats! As I was calling Mica to tell her that I had probably better go back home, she was calling me to tell me that she was stuck in her van...the ramp would not go down and her battery had gone dead. I felt so bad not knowing what to do to help her, but she assured me that a neighbor would soon be home to help her! Bless her heart...she is such a strong and wonderful person....such an inspiration to everyone! We both had to miss the first night of Bible Study after looking forward to it for so long...and Dena and Karen Mason sang and Ines talked....everyone I have talked to said it was awesome!!! Hopefully, nothing will stop us next Monday night!

Oh, yes, on the way home from Little Rock on Monday, there was a horrible wreck on the interstate and traffic was stopped on the interstate as well as all the back took me two and a half hours to get home...with chills. During the night, my temperature went up...called the nurse and she said that looks like this is going to be a pattern with me from the chemo, since I had chills last time too. She said if the fever didn't go down with tylenol or ibuprofen or lasted more than three days to call them back. I am very grateful that I was much better on felt really good to be hot and have to change out of winter clothing and turn on the fan!! God is good and He is good all the time!!

Sweet Kimberly had her V/Q lung scan on Tuesday, with good blood clots...again, God is good and He is good all the time! Will be glad when we see the pulmonologist next Wednesday and see what he wants to do for the pulmonary hypertension. We have alot of prayer warriors out there and are so very grateful for each one...I know the power of prayer and know that God is in control and will take care of my sweet sister!!

Another good thing that made this week turn out better is the arrival of the Worrell twin babies on Wednesday...they are adorable and Mom and Dad are just beaming...welcome these little miracles...Eli and Zac! One has red hair and one has blonde! What a miracle and what a blessing!!

I am looking forward to a great on Sunday and a visit with some friends I haven't seen since graduation...then some ya ya time. Next week, I will get to visit with another high school is good!

Being so grateful for feeling better...still have the pink gloves on and am "Fighting Like a Girl"!

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Denise Felton said...

Can't wait to see you on Sunday. And I'm so glad we have good news to celebrate for Kimberly. Yea!