Thursday, October 23, 2008


I don't where the time is going.....I just wish that I had more of it. I can hardly believe that it is almost November. Thanks to Aunt Toots and Lisa, I delivered fall bags to the hospital for the patients. Aunt Toots decorated the bags in a fall theme and put some cute fall things in them. Lisa had made some darling CD mobile kits and magic wand kits. These should keep the kids from being quite so bored in the hospital and give the XBOX a rest. I love going into their rooms and seeing that they have been busy with our little projects! Jennifer would be so proud that we are doing this!!!

We are FINALLY getting settled in Hot Springs....still alot of work to do, but there always will will be an ongoing project for a long time. I had almost forgotten what a beautiful drive it was over here when the trees start to turn. Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year!! I love the crisp air and the briskness!(is that a word?)

I am looking forward to having our next Ya Ya day here. Wish that we would have all our projects completed....but we won't! Just takes time and money. I am learning to be more patient and accepting......and grateful for what I do have!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This has been such a hard week for everyone at ACH. One of our coworkers lost his baby son in a horrible accident. Another friend's son lost his good friend. In times like this, you just wish that you had the magic words and wisdom that would help these precious families. I know from losing Jennifer, that caring thoughts and prayers is all that is needed right now. Nothing else will help ease the pain. We will all just have to be available for them and do whatever is needed. Please keep these loved ones in your prayers.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Popeye Is Back

Don't know why, but out of the blue from nowhere, my Popeye arm (the name the grocery clerk gave my arm before therapy) decided to flare up. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon...took off the sleeve so that I could wash it and do my therapy. Thought I was feeling a little puny and maybe coming down with a cold....then when I saw "Popeye", he was all red and hot...then the fever and chills started. The next morning I called Dr. Hagans and got started on Levaquin...wonder drug!! The fever broke and hopefully I caught it early enough that the infection is on its way out!! It just doesn't make sense to this could just flare scratches, cuts, hangnails......maybe it is just to make me more grateful for how much better my arm is now. We were just talking about my arm Monday at work and how well it was doing....perhaps, we jinxed it....who knows...but it is great to be on the way to recovery again...not fun to have chills!!!