Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stressful Week

On Saturday, October 16th, we got the unexpected call that my sister-in-law, Sue, had passed away. She had been doing so well, just a week before. She had taken chemo on Wednesday and had been pretty ill since. She called her son and told him that she had thought she had slept wrong and her neck and shoulder hurt and asked him to bring her some muscle rub. When he took her the muscle rub, he found her already gone sitting in her chair. This is such a great loss to the family, her three sons and families, five precious grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. I am happy that she is no longer ill and that she is now with her beloved husband and other loved ones, but she will be greatly missed.

My brother-in-law, George - the baby of the nine children, had just begun his battle with cancer..lymphoma. He was on a pass from the hospital so that he could attend the services for his sister, Sue. He became very ill on the morning of her service and had to be taken back to the hospital before the service. Since then, he has improved and they have drained 2000cc of fluid from his chest and abdomen. He started his first round of chemo Thursday night. We still don't have all the test results back to know the extent of his cancer. We will be there for him and encourage him...I know what a scary time this is for him..

Pete and I had a horrible flu bug thing this past week with everything else going on...I got a steroid shot, clarinex and an inhaler...feeling some better, but not up to par yet...we both cough alot during the night, not sleeping well. Hopefully, we will feel better soon.

Bill, Judy, Chris, Julie, Kylee, Kenzie, Tim, Lori, Tyler, Cory, Theresa and Gage came down from Bloomington for Sue's services. They had to get back home the next was a long and hard trip for them and am happy they all made it home safely.

I had round #18 of chemo on Friday. I will have another PET scan in three weeks to find out where we are...praying to get good results from that. Missy and Kimberly went with me to chemo...we had a great lunch and then sweet Kimberly treated us to a wonderful pedicure for our birthdays. It was a good day...always enjoy spending time with them...Missy even made beautiful pink rose cupcakes for the staff and patients...she makes the best cupcakes ever!!

I will keep George and the rest of the family close in prayer and will keep my pink gloves on "Fighting Like a Girl"!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Last Wednesday, October 6th, I had to say goodbye to a wonderful chapter in my life. I had been an employee at Arkansas Children's Hospital for the past twenty years, but have felt like it was home since 1978, when Jennifer first became a patient there. For the past thirty-two years, ACH has been a big part of my life. I have made many life long friends and my life has been so enriched by this place of care, love and hope.

When I began this second battle with cancer, I was certain that I would be able to return to work. I just could not in clear conscience, keep my postition tied up any longer...I had been off work for eighteen months, first going on leave with back problems...which led to a total hip replacement..which led to this current diagnosis of my cancer return. ACH will always live in my heart, as will all the wonderful people there...I am just having to learn to accept that God has a different plan for me..I know that He is the One that is always in control...I have my faith and trust in Him!

On Wednesday, I was given the best retirement party ever...could not have been more perfect...wonderful food, flowers, gifts and well wishes...I felt so loved and will never forget it. I am so very grateful.

On the way home from the party, we were involved in an accident. Pete had stopped to avoid hitting a stopped car in front of us that had no brake or tail lights..then we were hit from behind by a man driving way too fast...grateful that we weren't hurt...but poor little J-LO (my little VW bug) got pretty banged up and is now in the hospital.

Had chemo again on Thursday, then Princess Breanna surprised me by coming to spend the weekend with us...always such a joy and good medicine for both of us..have really missed her since she has started school. She is growing up way too fast! She is so funny and adorable.

Yesterday, Breanna went to church with me and then we went to Kimberly's for a wonderful lunch...was pretty tired, so I wasn't much help with the unpacking. I love her new much bigger and NO is going to be awesome when she gets everything where she wants it...can't wait util the first Ya Ya day in her new studio....will be just like being at the Scrapbook store..only better!

We will keep the "Jennifer Project" alive for the patients at ACH and I will keep my pink gloves on and "Fight Like a Girl" sure isn't always what we have planned, but it is always what God has planned for us!!