Monday, June 16, 2008

More "Jennifer Project" Bags

I just got home from delivering more of the "Jennifer Project" bags to the hospital. I think there were about sixty bags this time. A very special thanks to everyone for helping keep this project going thus keeping Jennifer's memory alive. Kimberly, Pig, Aunt Toots, Denise and Lisa really contributed so much time and talent. I appreciate it so much. The journals, pens, bags, finger puppets, bookends, paper men, filled decorated boxes were all so very creative.

I will miss Jennifer forever, but doing projects like this sure makes me feel that she is right here with me. She loved children so very much and she sure knew what it was like to be isolated in a hospital room for two weeks.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Today was our 38th Anniversary....can't believe it has been that long. We had a wonderful day together. Kimberly treated us to breakfast at Cracker was yummy as usual. She gave us a beautiful butterfly wind chime and the most precious statue for our Jennifer Rose Garden. It is a little girl with pig tails with her foot on a soccer ball. We both agreed it looked like Jennifer when she played soccer at the YMCA!! I have the sweetest sister in the world!! Then we went to Hot Springs and planted a dogwood tree and a crepe myrtle tree in honor of our anniversary...we can watch them grow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pajama Mama Picture

A picture from our last Pajama Mama outing...we go to IHOP in our pajamas...lots of fun and laughs.

Jennifer's 28th Birthday...March 28,2006

This picture is of Jennifer celebrating her 28th hard to believe it was just twenty-four days later that she left us. I love and miss her so much.