Friday, September 30, 2011


I have always known and believed in the power of prayer and have known that God is in control of our lives! This week I have officially moved back home to Hot Springs...not being home since April 8th, except for a couple of day visits. Many prayers were answered and I have the miraculous news that my CT and bone scan showed NO CANCER!!! This means that I will not to have chemo or radiation. I will continue to have the monthly harmone shots. I am so blessed to serve such an awesome God and to have had so many wonderful prayer warriors....for the love of my husband, sister, family and friends....thank you for not giving up on me....I will be eternally grateful! Life is short...handle it with prayer and gratitude!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Where do I begin? These past five months have been the roller coaster ride of my life! After my first thorencentis, my lungs filled up with fluid again. What I thought was going to be an overnight hospital stay, turned into a four month stay! During this time, I found out that my breast cancer is now metastatic in both lungs. As a respriatory therapist, I had cared for many trached ventilator dependent children, but never dreamed that I would wake up with a trach and on a ventilator. I came close to death a few times. The chemo that I was given was really hard on me and caused me to have to back to intensive care and be given blood. Instead of chemo, I am now being given hormone injections which seem to be keeping the cancer from spreading or filling my lungs again.

When I left the hospital about five weeks ago, I was on 8 liters of oxygen and on the ventilator 24 hours a day. I came home to my wonderful sister, Kimberly's, home so that I would be close to my doctors. Thanks to her excellent care of me and the love, help, prayers and encouragement from friends and family and the love and grace of our awesome God, I am feeling better and stronger everyday. Since coming home from the hospital, I have lost 135 pounds of fluid, am on no oxygen and am only on the ventilator at night Last week, I got the foley catheter and feeding tube out. This week, I will begin testing to see about getting the trach out and being off the ventilator. Saturday, I was able to go home to Hot Springs for the day...the first time I had been home in five months...I plan on going home a couple of days a week.

I sure didn't plan on this latest battle with the PET scan in November was clear. I do know that I have faith and trust in God and I know that He is in control and that He has the plan for all of us...He is good and He is good all the time! I will keep my pink gloves on and "Fight Like a Girl"!!!