Friday, September 30, 2011


I have always known and believed in the power of prayer and have known that God is in control of our lives! This week I have officially moved back home to Hot Springs...not being home since April 8th, except for a couple of day visits. Many prayers were answered and I have the miraculous news that my CT and bone scan showed NO CANCER!!! This means that I will not to have chemo or radiation. I will continue to have the monthly harmone shots. I am so blessed to serve such an awesome God and to have had so many wonderful prayer warriors....for the love of my husband, sister, family and friends....thank you for not giving up on me....I will be eternally grateful! Life is short...handle it with prayer and gratitude!


Joanna said...

I am so thrilled that your prayers were answered. You have gone through so much and it is wonderful that you got good news.

Denise Felton said...

Deb, you are my hero! Love you!

Debbie Nelson said...

Thank you...I am truly blessed!