Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was truly hoping that I would not have to have another injection....my pain improved after the last one...that is until I had to drive to North Little Rock yesterday for a doctor's appointment. Now my leg is hurting pretty bad again! This is so disappointing....but as they say, sometimes the third one is the charm! Not giving up at this point in the game! The doctor did tell me that it may take three...so I shouldn't be too surprised, I guess...was just hoping!

I also got the results from the colonoscopy yesterday....the polyp was pre cancerous...so that means I will have to have another one in three years! I really love the word PRE! It could have been worse!

When I was in NLR yesterday, I had lunch with my good friend, Linda! We had a good time and she is always such an inspiration and knows just the right words you need to hear at any given time! Like I always say, "I get by with a little help from my friends". Thank you, Linda! You are the greatest!

Will just keep hoping and praying that the injection next Thursday will do the trick!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I had my second injection today. I just love Dr. Lovett. This time she did a caudal (sp?), She put the injection in my tail bone, ran a catheter to the bulging disc and put the steroid there. I am hoping and praying that this one works. I am so ready to be over this! She said it will take a few days to know if it worked!

I am so ready for fall to be here and summer is just starting...I just don't keep well in 100 degree weather!

After the first injection, I couldn't sleep for over two days...wonder if that will be the case this time? If so, I will get alot more cards made...the time won't be wasted!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am so proud of myself! For over six years, I have been putting off having a colonoscopy! The reason being is that I took my Dad for a colonoscopy and he died two days later from bleeding. Dr. Curtner knew my fear and he used to tell me on each visit that he had my colonoscopy scheduled the next day...seriously, he said he understood my concerns and wouldn't pressure me to have it done. He was pretty surprised when I saw him two weeks ago and asked him to schedule it for me. Dr. Sneed (my oncologist) wasn't so understanding about me not having it done. I promised him that I would have it done before my return visit to him...I am a woman of my word. Since I have to be off the coumadin for my injection, I wanted to get this done while I was off the coumadin. Since we can't find the cause of my cancer markers being elevated, I wanted to be able to cross off one more possible cause off the list! I will get the results next Monday. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be...the worst part was drinking all that yucky stuff and spending the day in the bathroom instead of crafting...at least I got caught up on alot of my reading! I want to get all this stuff done before I return to work, so that I will be able to work and not be off for a long time. I get my next injection on Thursday and pray that this one will work!! I am soooo ready!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I saw Dr. Slater again yesterday. He said that the way the disc was pinching the nerve, that I will need another injection, probably two more. I asked if we could go ahead and schedule them both now since they have to be at least two weeks apart and I have to be off the coumadin. I hope this will cut the time down and I will be able to return to work sooner. I would lose a week or two if I had to wait and see him again before the third injection. I can always cancel the third one if the second one does the trick, which I am praying it will.

Another thing is that Dr. Sneed (my oncologist) said that I need to have a colonoscopy done. Everyone that knows me knows that I have been putting this off because of my Dad...he passed away from bleeding after his colonoscopy. Dr. Curtner understood my concerns and he was pretty surprised when I asked him to schedule it. I want to get everything done while I am off work and be able to go back to work and not be off again for a very long time! It is scheduled for Monday while I am off my coumadin for the injection...that is if the GI nurse ever calls me back with my instructions. I got a call from the surgery center confirming that it was Monday, but nothing from the GI doc...hopefully they will call me today.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Had my first lumbar epidural steroid injection today. I went to OrthoArkansas and was very pleased with the care I received. The anthesiologist came out and talked to me a long time before I had it. She said that most of the time it does take more than one injection. Also, they give you laughing gas like at the dentist office instead of IV sedation...I really liked that! She said shse gives the injection while doing an x-ray so that she knows exactly where the problem is.

She said that it takes between three to ten days to start to feel results. I go back to Dr. Slater on the 17th.....hopefully pain free and will be able to go back to work!