Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am so proud of myself! For over six years, I have been putting off having a colonoscopy! The reason being is that I took my Dad for a colonoscopy and he died two days later from bleeding. Dr. Curtner knew my fear and he used to tell me on each visit that he had my colonoscopy scheduled the next day...seriously, he said he understood my concerns and wouldn't pressure me to have it done. He was pretty surprised when I saw him two weeks ago and asked him to schedule it for me. Dr. Sneed (my oncologist) wasn't so understanding about me not having it done. I promised him that I would have it done before my return visit to him...I am a woman of my word. Since I have to be off the coumadin for my injection, I wanted to get this done while I was off the coumadin. Since we can't find the cause of my cancer markers being elevated, I wanted to be able to cross off one more possible cause off the list! I will get the results next Monday. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be...the worst part was drinking all that yucky stuff and spending the day in the bathroom instead of crafting...at least I got caught up on alot of my reading! I want to get all this stuff done before I return to work, so that I will be able to work and not be off for a long time. I get my next injection on Thursday and pray that this one will work!! I am soooo ready!


Denise Felton said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! YEA for you, Debbie!

Partly because of your family's story, and partly because I just dreaded it, I put off having my 50th-birthday baseline colonoscopy for over five years. And then when I finally did it, I was like, "What was I so worried about?" The prep is definitely the worst of it. Next time I'll take the pills instead of drinking the gallon of disgusting gel!

Debbie Nelson said...

i know, Denise..it wasn't as bad as I thought..just anxious because of my Dad. I had to take the pills and drink the disgusting stuff..but it is over now and I am able to cross another one off my list. I can remember all the countless times that my precious Jennifer had to drink that stuff and would just gag and gag. Now...if this injection will do the trick, I will be a happy camper!