Thursday, June 18, 2009


I saw Dr. Slater again yesterday. He said that the way the disc was pinching the nerve, that I will need another injection, probably two more. I asked if we could go ahead and schedule them both now since they have to be at least two weeks apart and I have to be off the coumadin. I hope this will cut the time down and I will be able to return to work sooner. I would lose a week or two if I had to wait and see him again before the third injection. I can always cancel the third one if the second one does the trick, which I am praying it will.

Another thing is that Dr. Sneed (my oncologist) said that I need to have a colonoscopy done. Everyone that knows me knows that I have been putting this off because of my Dad...he passed away from bleeding after his colonoscopy. Dr. Curtner understood my concerns and he was pretty surprised when I asked him to schedule it. I want to get everything done while I am off work and be able to go back to work and not be off again for a very long time! It is scheduled for Monday while I am off my coumadin for the injection...that is if the GI nurse ever calls me back with my instructions. I got a call from the surgery center confirming that it was Monday, but nothing from the GI doc...hopefully they will call me today.

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