Friday, September 24, 2010


I had round 16 of chemo is hard to believe that it has been this many..starting on December 21st of last year..the time has gone by so fast..can hardly believe that October is next week. My Dad used to always tell me that the older you get, the faster the time goes. He certainly was right on this one...I don't know where the time would think that with me not working that I would have plenty of time..but it just slips away from me somehow. Although the chemo seems to have alot more side effects than when I was taking it eleven years ago, I am so truly grateful that I am doing so well and getting good reports. I don't like having to be on a walker, but it is better than falling and I sure don't want to do anything to harm my new hip or break something else...that would be a real setback. Each time I go for chemo and talk to the other patients, I realize that I could be alot worse. Sharing our stories with each other, gives us encouragement and hope. It looks like I will be taking chemo for quite sometime, but when I talk to others who have been taking it for ten years and are still fighting and smiling, I know that I can do it too. God is in control and He has the plan for me..will just try to be patient and follow it.

So much sadness this friend lost her brother suddenly and another friend lost her Dad suddenly. This is so heart aches for these families and the difficult times ahead for them. I pray that God will give them peace, comfort and strength. I feel so helpless, not being able to ease their pain.

I am praying that the chemo side effects will not be as bad as last time. My high school friend, Joan, will be in Hot Springs this weekend. She hopes to go to church with me and then have lunch with Patti and me. It is so good to see friends that you haven't seen in 40 years...I was able to see Joan when she was here in the Spring and I enjoyed it so much.

Kimberly is moving to an apartment in her same complex, but it will be downstairs. I feel so bad that this is for me and that I won't be able to help her move since it is chemo week. She is blessed with many wonderful friends that are going to help, but I still think that I should be helping her. She is always there to help me.

I am so looking forward to the cooler weather..can't wait to feel that cool crispness in the air. In the meantime, I will keep my pink gloves on and will keep "Fighting Like a Girl"...I get by with the love and grace of God and a little help from my friends!!!!

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