Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What a great day...back from the pulmonologist appointment with Kimberly...such great news...she does have pulmonary hypertension, but if you have to have it, she has the best kind and a good prognosis! Hers is caused from her sleep apnea and not being able to wear her CPAP. She truly has tried to wear it and be compliant, but she always wakes up with it off. The doctor told her that there are new and improved machines now and more options for a mask. She will go back to the sleep apnea doctor and have another sleep study....hopefully, they will be able to find the proper device that she can tolerate and wear...if not, I will go over there with my ole trusty duck tape LOL!!! After about three months of being compliant, she will have more testing to see if she has improved. My sister has been my rock during all these health problems of mine...she has always been by my side. She was so nervous and frightened about the appointment today...I felt totally helpless in calming her. I knew in my heart that she was going to get good news. I know that God is always in control and that He has the plan for each of us....I had peace about this and am so very grateful that mine and all the other prayers were heard and answered...GOD IS SOOO GOOD AND HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME...PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Love you to the moon and sweet sister, Kimberly!!!!

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