Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had round #15 of chemo on Friday...I was having chemo on Mondays, but due to the holiday on Monday, I was changed to Fridays! I think that I will like this schedule better! It is Sunday, and I still feel pretty good..hoping this will help prevent me from missing church on chemo weeks!!! I sure have a much better week when I am able to go to church!

I am still having problems with the neuropathy in my hands and feet. Dr. Sneed started me on Lyrica..hoping this will help! I am very grateful that my little "geysers" have dried up and my swelling is much improved. One of the side effects that I read on Lyrica is swelling...praying this won't be the case for me! Don't want that to happen again!

Am anxious for the next two weeks to be over...want to hear what the pulmonologist says about Kimberly...I really feel good about it..her arterial gram was so good with clean areteries and a strong heart! That is wonderful news!

Hoping we have more fall like weather this week. We had a nice rain here yesterday..should be good for what is left of the garden. Hoping to put up alot more okra! We sure are missing our tomatoes, but grateful that we had such good ones, while we had them!

I still have my pink gloves on and am still "Fighting Like a Girl"!

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