Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am welcoming September with open looking forward to fall and cool, crisp weather! I know that in Arkansas, it sometimes doesn't come until October, but I can be hopeful.

August was a month that I won't soon forget! I had to resign from my job of twenty years that I absolutely loved, had to be admitted to the hospital, had my fourteenth round of chemo on Kimberly's birthday, had a bone scan scare and am having to do IV antibiotics at home...I am grateful that I can do them out of the hospital! I thought my "little geyser" had dried up and was on my way to recovery...then a new leak happened on my other leg! I must have the weirdest body ever! I will go to the doctor today to have the new one checked out! If all is well, I will be able to stop the IV antibiotics tomorrow!

As I have said many times before, I am blessed with the best sister in the world! She is always there for me....she has been the best nurse in the world while I am taking the IV antibiotics! I have stayed in Little Rock with she was able to work from home....I have so enjoyed being with her! We will be able to spend more time together this weekend at the Scrapbook Corner Crop! I so enjoyed the Relay for Life Cancer Crop and I am looking forward to this one too! Hopefully, I will get alot of cards made!

Due to Monday being Labor Day, I won't have my chemo until next Friday! This should give me a few extra days of feeling good! I am still "Fighting Like a Girl"...keeping my pink gloves on!

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Denise Felton said...

Wish I were able to play with you girls this weekend. I know you're going to have fun.

Hang in there, Geyser Leg. I have a really good feeling that you're about to turn the corner.

Love you!