Saturday, January 12, 2013


Janice Cockrill rescued a little yorkie from a Puppy Mill. She is so busy with working and her Cockrill Critters business, that she didn't have the time for her. Of course, when she asked me to take her, I had to say yes. We love Yorkies, especially ones in need of a home. We miss our little Desi so very much and want a good playmate for Lucy. Gracie is very sweet and lovable, but not very playful. She has come a long way since she was left here...a completely different dog. She knows she is loved and she loves us. I met Janice in Benton and brought Mickey home with me. It is possible that she is pregnant...Janice said that she had a mate, but they weren't sure that she got pregnant. When I arrived home with her, I didn't have a leash and collar for her yet. I put one of Lucy's outfits on her that had a ring for the leash. Well, she got out of the car and slipped out of the outfit. Of course, she doesn't know us yet and wouldn't come to us. Each time, we would get close to her, she would run away. At midnight, she finally came on the porch and Pete was able to get her...a very scary and stressful night. When I told Janice what had happened, she said she did the same thing to her when she first got her. After the big dog up the hill killed our little Desi and injured my friend Linda's Rudy, we were really afraid for her. Today, she has slept most of the day on the couch, but doesn't run away when we talk to her....I think she will adjust, will just take time. We are happy to be able to give her a home!

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