Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What a wonderful weekend! I went to a wonderful church service on Sunday morning...always makes my week go so much better...had ya ya time with Kimberly and Lisa. On Monday, Kimberly had to go to Conway...Missy met me for chemo, we had a wonderful lunch and visit at Izzy's, followed by her favorite dessert cakes from Blue Cake Bakery...she is really getting me hooked on these wonderful little cakes. I went to Bible Study on Monday was so wonderful being there and visiting with Mica and others...perfect end to a great day! Tuesday morning, I was finally able to meet Linda for a birthday breakfast celebrating her 50th had been delayed because of the bad weather we had been having. Linda is always so uplifting and inspiring...good for the soul...was so happy to hear that she going on our beach trip in October with us....this is going to be such an awesome trip...I can hardly wait! I know that as fast as the time seems to be passing by, it won't be long until we will have our feet in the sand!

Last week this time, we had seven inches of snow and temperatures in the teens....yesterday, it was 72 degrees here and we are expecting these wonderful temperatures all week...Spring is in the air, for sure! You have to love Arkansas weather....the beauty of snow one week and the fresh air of Spring the next!

I finished round #25 of chemo...was given an additional diuretic for a couple of days to help with the swelling in my legs...Kimberly has also read lately about the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice while taking chemo...I asked the nurse about it and got the okay to use it...hopefully it will also help with the swelling....Have I ever told you what an awesome sister I have??? She is always researching things that help you while fighting this grateful for her!

Hope everyone has a good week and can get outside for a little while and enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it....who knows if we will have more snow in our future?? I have my pink gloves on and am still "Fighting Like a Girl"!

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Katie Renz said...

Yuck on the swelling. I haven't had to deal with that side effect, but they are pumping so much saline into me during chemo to "save" my kidneys that I end up going to the bathroom every hour! Yay for #25.