Monday, February 7, 2011


This last chemo treatment really zapped, achy, tired and some nausea. I am happy to say that I am on the mend...this should be a good week. I hate feeling bad with the chemo, but I really hate having to miss church and ya ya time on Sundays..getting out for this just makes my whole week go better...nothing like worship time and craft time to lift your spirits. I had planned on going to Little Rock today, go to Bible Study tonight, spend the night with Kimberly and then try and meet with Linda in the morning. When I got up this morning at 4:00, it was snowing like crazy...although it has now warmed up and most of it has melted. My leg is a little swollen today, so I have decided to stay home and look forward to next weekend. We are supposed to get another BIG winter storm on Wednesday. I have always loved snow and the beauty of it...but I think I have had enough this year...I am ready for Spring and planting flowers and vegetables.

We are really getting excited about our beach trip in October! Missy has already been researching houses and condos...and is already getting some good response. The beach was mine and Jennifer's favorite place to go together. I know that it will be hard to go without her...but, I really think that she would want me to is so hard to believe that she has been gone for almost five years...sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday....I miss her everyday and always will. I am so grateful of the promise that I will see her again.

Hope everyone stays warm and safe and has a great week. I will keep my pink gloves on and "Keep Fighting Like a Girl"!!


Katie Renz said...

What can I say except that I feel for you :) I'm on the very tale end of the upswing time and it always feels good to be normal. Countdown to Thursday.

Have a great day today Debbie!

Denise Felton said...

SO happy to hear about your beach trip! Yea!

I think we're all stuck at home this week, with the weather today and what's coming tomorrow. Blankies, TV movies, and hot chocolate are in order!

kbos2hm said...

going to the beatch is so so mint where quite far away form a decent beatch bit cold yet but when we get to about may ill go over to cresswell its lovely down there

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