Saturday, November 19, 2011


One week ago today, Kimberly, Kaytlin and I went to Batesville to see our great niece, Abbi. We had looked forward to this visit for a long time. Pete and I met Kimberly for dinner in Bryant the night before. We got up early, picked up Kaytlin and were on our way. The scenery was beautiful on the drive up and it was so good to see Kaytlin and see what a beautiful and polite young lady she has become. Kaytlin is Jennifer's god daughter and she has always had a special place in my heart. I tried to call Pete several times that morning and couldn't get him to answer the is not unusual for him to be outside doing something and leave his phone in the house or in his truck...have fussed at him many times for doing this! He always thought that I just worried too much. This time when I couldn't get him to answer, I just knew in my gut that something was terribly wrong. He knew that we were on the road and I knew that he would call us or at least have his phone with him. We met Abbi and the other girls for lunch, did some shopping and went back to the ranch. I had still tried unsuccessfully to get Pete to answer his phone. I tried calling his brother, George, but couldn't get him. I called his sister, Barb, and she also tried to call George. George saw where I had been trying to call him and he called me. I told him that I was worried about Pete and asked him to come over and check on him...George was in Little Rock. When he got here, he found Pete lying in the floor and mumbling. He called 911 and they got him to the hospital. It was determined that he had had a heart attack. He had a stent put in on Tuesday and was able to come home from the hospital on Thursday. He is doing much better, but is really disturbed that he can't remember what happened. I am just so grateful that I followed my instinct and called George. It was a VERY long and stressful three hour drive to the hospital. Once again, Kimberly was there to my rescue and got me to the hospital! God is good and He is good ALL the time!