Monday, February 20, 2012


There really are angels here on earth doing God's work. Since the fire, we had been looking at manufactured homes. We knew we couldn't afford a mortgage. The new homes were very expensive and the older ones needed alot of repairs. I prayed every night for God to guide us in the right direction. We wanted a home that didn't have a hallway (because of the fire) and we needed a walk in shower for me. God sent us angels in the form of Joe and Cindy! They had seen the newscast of our story and called Cathy (her number was on Christina's blog in reference to the chili fund raiser) and asked if we might be interested in a home they had. I called them and we met them Friday morning to see it. It had a walk in shower, no hallway, the most beautiful kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths. It even had an add on room that would make a perfect craft room for me. It was just PERFECT...and they wanted to give it to us and have it moved and set up for us!! We had been working three weeks to try and clear the land where the fire was. Joe and two of his sons came out Saturday and cleared it in one day! How can we ever thank them for giving us this new start on rebuilding our lives?? The outpouring of love, prayers, donations and encouragement has been so overwhelming...I can't put into words how humble and grateful we are for all that has been given us. We hope to someday be able to "pay it forward" to others in need. We hope to have a big garden and be able to share vegetables. I just want to get out of bed each day, following God closer and doing something for others. God is good and He is good ALL the time!!!