Thursday, March 6, 2008


I think we have found the source of my infection --my infusaport!! After thinking about it, the pain and redness was in my shoulder and in my chest in the area of my port. I saw Dr. Hagans on Tuesday and we will say goodbye to the port next Thursday, the 13th. I have had it in for eight years and thank God that I haven't needed it for chemo. I have only used it for infections. Since any foreign object in the body can cause infection, it is best that it comes out, my new skinny arm won't need it. I was able to start my therapy back on Monday and the fluid is going down once again.


Janna said...

Yay, Debbie!! I'm so happy that the source of the infection has been found! I hope all goes well with the removal and that you aren't too sore afterward and that the infection is easy to resolve. Your new skinny arm is going to look so great on you! You're in my prayers.

Also, thanks for the cute card with the dog on the front. Is that a photo of your dog? Zach loved it.


Lisa_in_AR said...

I'm so glad you've been able to get back to your therapy. I hope you're not still having that awful pain/ difficulty sleeping (although, I did notice that you posted this before 4am).
Love and prayers,