Saturday, February 23, 2008

Monopoly Game Piece

In one of Jennifer's journals, she said that sometimes she felt like a game piece on a Monopoly game board.....always getting set back before she could pass "Go"!!! Well, yesterday I had a much better understanding of her analogy. I was so happy to get fitted for my sleeve and glove and to be able to clearly see the end of this part of my therapy and have use of my hand and arm back to work and card making. I even had a few hours after getting measured before I had to go and get wrapped again.

When I got up yesterday morning, I didn't feel really great...just hoping that I was not getting the flu....then when I was getting dressed to go for therapy after taking a wonderful bath (without a plastic bag arm), I noticed that my shoulder and top of my arm was red and hot to touch. I showed it to Troy when I got there, and he had me call Dr. Hagans right then. I was able to pick up a prescription for antibiotics when I left. I was only able to have my arm wrapped up to my elbow and couldn't have the drainage therapy, Troy explained that the drainage therapy could spread the infection. He said that my arm will swell again where it is not wrapped. As long as I don't have redness or pain, I will be able to keep my hand and lower arm wrapped.

I know that this is just a minor setback...but sure is frustrating!! I can hear my sweet Mother telling me "Life's hurdles make us stronger."


ScrapbookDBA said...

Hang in there!

Love you,

Denise Felton said...

Stronger? Dang, Debbie, you qualify as a champion weight-lifter, then!!

Keep at it, sweet girlfriend. I know God is holding you in the palm of his hand.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Praying for quick healing of this infection so you can get into that glove ASAP. I know you're tired of this one step forward two steps back process, but you have made SO much progress. You can do this!

Janna said...


You are in my prayers. You are so amazing. I hope your infection is improving so you can get back to therapy and will be able to wear your glove soon.