Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jennifer's birthday is March 28th. She loved turtles. My brilliant and creative sister, Kimberly,
came up with a wonderful idea to celebrate her birthday. The Crafty Pig, our dear friend, made some adorable turtles. We are going to put a birthday hat on them and put them on the Jennifer Project Bags for March to celebrate Jennifer's birthday. Pig also made paper doll sets for the bags. I wrote a little story about Myrtle the Turtle for the girl bags and Tommy the Turtle for the boy bags. We will include a cut out birthday cake along with decorations for the cake, supplies to make a birthday card, the paper doll sets, and some puzzles or games for the birthday party. The bags can't have Jennifer's name on them and the kids can't know where the bags came from, so we thought this would be a great way to have a little birthday party for Jennifer! I can just imagine her with Mom and Dad in Heaven laughing at us, and saying, what are they going to think of next? Who knows what we will be able to think of with the help of all our wonderful and creative friends?

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