Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today after church, Kimberly and I put the March "Jennifer Project" bags together and they are now ready for delivery. I wish that my camera wasn't broken so that I could post a picture. They are just adorable. We put the Myrtle the Turtle story in each bag. Each bag has a bottle of bubbles, a birthday horn, a kit to make paper chains (remember those?), finger puppets, a set of paper dolls and darling outfits, play dough to make Myrtle a birthday cake and the bags have an adorable turtle on them adorned with colorful ribbon. They are very festive looking and hopefully will bring a smile to these special patients at ACH!

Our friend, the Crafty Pig, made the paper doll sets, paper chain kits, finger puppets and all the wonderful turtles! She is truly awesome and her amazing generosity and talent never cease to amaze me! She did so many wonderful things for Jennifer...always sending her surprises that thrilled her! I am so very grateful and honored how she is helping us keep Jennifer's memory alive. I will forever be grateful.

Kimberly was the master mind behind this birthday month project. She is always there for me..thinking and doing things to help celebrate Jennifer's life. Since we can't celebrate this birthday with Jennifer.....we can certainly celebrate her birth by honoring her for the life she lived.

I continue to thank Lisa and everyone else who continues to help with this project. Words cannot express my gratitude enough. It's hard to believe that we started this project a year ago and it just keeps getting better and is really true.....I get by with a little help from my friends.

Thank you so much!


Audra and Josh said...

You guys do such a great job!!! I love reading about your projects!

The York Family said...

Barb told me about your blog and I think its great! I know Jennifer is smiling and is so proud of all you do.You are a great mother! Jeff and I love you dearly. Best wishes.

Jen and Jeff

Lisa_in_AR said...

Since there isn't a picture, I just have to second what Debbie said---those turtle bags are so stinkin' cute! Pig you outdid yourself. Debbie and Kimberly, WOW!