Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The blood test I had to check for bone cancer came back normal. I am so thankful for this great news!

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. I will go for another check up in six months. The cancer markers are still up, but there is no sign of cancer! Dr, Sneed says there can be many reasons for the markers to be elevated..said maybe I sneezed wrong LOL! I asked him if he thought they could be elevated due to my lymphedema...he said that was a good question, but he didn't know the answer....I will just keep on with my faith being stronger than my fear, and know that God is in control once again!

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Deborah March said...

Thanks so very much for your kind comments on my blog today, about my little tribute to my friend. I'm so delighted to hear you are surviving IBC...many, many blessings to you.