Saturday, April 25, 2009


My leg had been really hurting for a few weeks...thought` maybe it was just arthritis. It got so bad that every time I rolled over in bed, I would wake up hurting and couldn't go back to sleep. Driving to Little Rock, most times I would have to stop and walk around a little bit. Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and found out it was the old sciatica nerve flaring up again from the herniated disc. I got a cortisone shot and muscle relaxers and cannot believe how much better it is already...thought I was going to have to go to pysical therapy. The bad part is that I have to be off work for three days....I truly hate being off work for things like this! But three days now will be much better than a longer period later! In the back of my mind, I kept thinking that maybe the bone lesion that showed on the PET scan was causing it. I just tried to replace all that fear with my faith, knowing that once again God is in control. At church we are doing the Soul Revolution Experiment...every sixty minutes for sixty days, you set a reminder and praise God, pray for something or someone, listen to Him, or just talk to Him! This is an amazing experiment which I am very proud to be a part of......I admit that the past couple of days that my prayer request was pretty selfish in praying for the recovery of my leg.... but I did praise Him for other things and prayed for others too! Doing this every hour reminder has really helped me focus on Him and His great love. I always thought that I thought about Him all day long....but this really makes me feel so much closer to Him....knowing that He really is with us all day long to hear us and answer us!

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Lisa_in_AR said...

I'm so glad the steroids and muscle relaxers, and of course the power of prayer are easing your pain!