Monday, July 27, 2009


In celebration of my ten year anniversary of being a survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, my awesome sister and friends totally surprised me! Words could never express how loved I felt and how very, very grateful I am for my sister and friends! My words that get me through.."I get by with a little help from my friends"!

My sister-in-law, Judy, and my two precious great nieces from Bloomington, Illinois went to church with me. I thought that Judy, the girls, Kimberly, Lisa, Stacie and I were meeting after church to go to lunch to celebrate my anniversary. I was surprised when Edwina said that we needed to go downstairs and have a special prayer for my leg and back....I knew that I needed prayer, so didn't think much about it. I was in shock when we got downstairs and saw the wonderful party they had surprised me with. They thought of everything...M&M's- purple and pink, of course- with Debbie and Survivor printed on them, the most beautiful pink and purple cake made by Angel, pink balloons, pink, brown, purple and white chocolate butterflies and turtles, pink flowers, pink ribbon pins for all the guests, a slide presentation in my honor, a delicious buffet of the most wonderful food ever, a piggy bank full of stamps (what will the post office do without my weekly visit?), wonderful, wonderful gifts, a bucket full of cards and notes from friends, even some Dawn McVey cards I had been drooling over all week from her blog-Dawn is one of my favorite designers for Papertreyink and am an avid follower of her blog. YaYa's Leigh, Anne, Stacie, Mandy (who had probably just worked 100 hours last week) and Denise were there as well co survivors - Sherry, Lisa Ellison, and Anita! Charlotte, Linda Young, Linda McKnight, Chelsea and Zhane (I am their proud Granny Pen) all made the day so special. That little Zhane is so adorable and happy! I am still floating in the clouds right now...I am sure that I have forgotten many things that I will need to add later....I just feel so very loved and so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life! Thanks and love to everyone!

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Denise Felton said...

What a joyous day! Kimberly did such a fabulous job pulling this celebration together. It was an honor to be invited to take part.

Love you so much, Debbie!