Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Two weeks ago yesterday, I got my new hip! Got to come home from the hospital on Friday. The people at the hospital were concerned about me being able to get up the stairs at Kimberly's..but I did just fine. My recovery is going well....didn't have any bleeding or drainage at all from my incision until Saturday morning.....since then I have had some bleeding but they think it is from the increased dose of coumadin.

My sister, Kimberly, has been the best nurse, friend and caregiver I could ever dream of having. Like I have said before, a sister is the best gift your parents can give you.

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my first check up. If all goes well, I will then go home to Hot Springs....have really missed the country life with my sweet hubby and furry babies....hope they remember who I am!

I am still praying that getting my hip fixed will also resolve my back problem and help me avoid more surgery. I am ready to get back to work giving care, love and hope to others!

  • My oncologist called yesterday and cancer markers are elevated again. I will have it re checked tomorrow. Hoping and praying that it is just a lab error. I am told that sometimes they never find the cause of the elevated markers...I have recently had an MRI, PET scan, Bone scan and a colonoscopy....don't know where else they would look. I know that it is in God, the Great Physician's, hands and I put my trust and faith in Him!

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Stacie Hoo said...

Sending healing prayers and love your way Debbie! Hope your hip and back are 100% really soon and your levels are back to normal. Thinking of you! : )