Monday, November 8, 2010

Round #19 Down

Well, it is hard for me to believe that I have just finished my 19th chemo teatment. I can hardly believe that next month, on December 21st, I will have been doing this for a year. This year has gone by really fast...don't know where the time goes. So much has happened this past year that I never expected...the loss of my sister-in-law, Sue, the loss of a precious friend, Anita, a friend I reconnected with after 40 years on fb, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, my sweet brother-in-law being recently diagnosed with cancer...and I had to retire from the job that I loved for the past 20 years at ACH! All of this has s been very hard, but I know that God has the plan for each of us and that He is in control.....I have faith in Him and trust Him completely. I am very grateful that I have my husband and amazing sister and all the wonderful friends and family by my side to help me through I always say..I get by with a little help from my friends and the love and grace of God..this is so true. The cards, the phone calls, the lunches and the crafting times we share, mean so very much. I do think that having cancer really makes you a stronger person and a person that knows the importance of the little things in life and to love and cherish the people in your life. Things aren't is the people in your life that matter. I try to let them know how much I appreciate and love them. I try to be there and encourage the ones that need it. I have learned alot having dealt with cancer eleven years ago and now again this past year.

I am happy that the cool weather has finally arrived...I love this time of sweet nephew David and the boys, brought us a load of firewood on sitting by the fire, watching the flames and just thinking. This chemo makes me so is wonderful having the fire..sure makes a difference.

The flu bug I talked about in my last post really got my hubby down...he ended up with pneumonia...he has been off work almost two weeks...happy to say that he is feeling some better...goes back to the doctor tomorrow...hoping we get a good report.

Kimberly got all moved and settled into her new apartment. Last Sunday, she had an appreciation open house for all the people who helped her move....she went all out, as always, with wonderful food! The place looks great..she has so much more room ..I think she is really going to love it.

I had this chemo last Friday...symptoms hit me fast this time...redness, achy and tired...but it is my assurance that the chemo is doing its job. I will have a PET scan on Friday....praying for good results with that.

Hopefully, I will get J-L0 (my little VW bug), back in a day or two..she has been in the car hospital almost three weeks...time to get out LOL! Love that little car!

Hoping everyone is enjoying this weather as much as I am...until next time..I have my pink gloves on and will keep "Fighting Like a Girl"!

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Jax said...

I just stumbled across your blog and was very moved by this post. Keep fighting, I can tell you have the strength in you.