Thursday, January 13, 2011


We got our first big snowfall in many years...we had seven inches on the ground here in Hot Springs! It is just beautiful...hasn't been this cold since was 11 degrees here this morning. As much as I have hated having to retire from the job I so loved, I can say that I am truly grateful for not having to worry about driving to Little Rock in this weather...I would be a nervous wreck...also glad that Kimberly, Mandy and Denise were able to work from home too...I am sort of a worry wart when it comes to things like this.

We got all the bird feeders filled just in time...have enjoyed watching all the cardinals, wrens and sparrows so much...I don't remember ever having this many cardinals before...perhaps, I just never took the time to enjoy sure has been fun!

The sun is out again today, so maybe we will have some more melting....I think that if I don't get to go to church this Sunday, my cabin fever will get the best of should not be a problem since the weekend temps are supposed to be in the 40's and I won't have chemo again until Monday...ready to get out for a bit!

I hope eveyone is enjoying the beautiful winter weather and staying warm and safe...I still have my pink gloves on "Fighting Like a Girl"!....and they are quite warm, too!


Joanna said...

I think it is colder where you are than we are in Denver! Enjoy the white stuff! I feed the birds here and it is so much fun to see them feast when the weather is cold.

Debbie Nelson said...

Yes, I have enjoyed the snow...we are usually lucky to get an inch or is gone now except for a couple of patches...may get more Thursday..sure enjoy watching the birds!

Anonymous said...

tontos, si