Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Finished Round #26 of chemo yesterday! I am already getting pretty cold. I was told that I needed to get more sleep...I was told to take Ambien every night for 21 days...I will do my best to try and do this. Alot of times, I feel like I am so tired, that I know that I don't need it...and then I can't go to sleep and feel like it is too late in the night to take it...so I will give this a try and see if it works. I just hate the thought of taking another pill everyday...I guess I can be pretty stubborn at times.

It felt so good looking around the chemo room yesterday and seeing the patients all covered up with the colorful blankets we made and donated them..thank you again for all the wonderful friends who helped with this project...hopefully, next time we can take some pictures of them....can't beieve that Kimberly didn't have her camera.

We met a man that was there for his first treatment....in anticipation of losing his hair, he had cut his hair in a mohawk...Kimberly did get a picture of him with the camera on his phone...she just loved his hair! I sat next to a sweet lady that was receiving her last treatment...it was a happy day for her...she had on a beautiful turquoise outfit and was covered up with one of the turquoise blankets we had made..we told her to take the blanket home with her to help celbrate. Also need to thank nurse Linda..for taking all the blankets we made home to wash and bring back....how sweet is that!

Had a great weekend...church and ya ya time on Sunday...chemo, Bble Study and a good dinner with Mica and Kimberly on Monday night..spent good time with Kimberly..Had a good time, but it is always good to be back home. I still have my pink gloves on and "Fighting Like a Girl"!


Lisa_in_AR said...

Take that Ambien Debra Susan! :)
I love that the blankets are being enjoyed. I can't wait til y'all post some pics. Rest up and stay warm! Love you!

Kathy said...

Hi Debbie. I found you from a comment you left on Katie Renz's blog. Praying for you too.

Debbie Nelson said...

Thank you Lisa and Kathy!