Wednesday, March 30, 2011


With Dr. Sneed's approval, I was able to skip my scheduled chemo this past Monday. I had just gotten over my infection in my leg and was still feeling pretty weak, so I wanted to give my body a rest before getting zapped again!! Monday was also Jennifer's birthday and I wanted to be able to take her flowers to the cemetery along with some balloons...and go to Bible Study Monday night!

Pete is scheduled for a transepidural injection in his back on Friday..hoping and praying this will give him some relief of the pain he is having. He had back surgery about 40 years ago, right after we were married. The MRI showed this area to now be bone one bone...also has a herniated disc in his neck. Hoping to avoid surgery
by going to physical therapy and having the injections! He has so many plans for our yard and garden this year....I pray that he gets the relief he needs!

Last week, I started getting really short of breath....couldn't walk very far at all without becoming pretty winded! This got worse and I almost fell after church, with Joanna helping me to my grateful that I didn't fall and take her down with me.
Monday morning, I called Dr. Sneed's office and told him what was going on. I had a chest x-ray yesterday morning that revealed a large pleural effusion (fluid built up in the lining of the lung). Another diuretic was added to the Lassix that I am already taking...hoping to get rid of the fluid. I am scheduled to have a thoraccentesis (this is a procedure where a needle is inserted to drain the fluid). I will have this done on
Friday morning, if the diuretics don't get rid of all the fluid...I have to wait until Friday for it because I have to be off the blood thinner medication.

I am still at Kimberly's since all this happened...she is such a good nurse and sister...don't know what I would do without her. She will take me to the hospital for the thoracentesis and our wonderful nephew, Tommy, will take Pete to the hospital for his injection...we will both be sedated, so we have to have drivers! Thank goodness for our family.

We did get to go to the cemetery and put the flowers out yesterday after I had the x-ray..they look very pretty...thanks again to my wonderful sister!

I am asking all my wonderful prayer warriors to pray for Pete..that his injection relieves his pain and that I get rid of all this fluid....hopefully by the diuretics but if not, by the thoracentesis...and I will be able to breathe well again!!

I get by with a little help from my friends and the love and grace of God...I will keep my pink gloves on and keep on "Fighting Like a Girl!" Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and encouragement..Love you all bunches!!!!

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Lisa_in_AR said...

praying for healing and relief for both of you!