Sunday, May 12, 2013


It seems like all days and weeks are hard now, but some more so.  Gracie and Mickie got in a fight over rawhide bones.  This resulted in Gracie getting an infection and having to have surgery to put a drain tube in.  Just as she was recovering, last Sunday, the big dog that lives on the hill behind us, broke his chain, came in my yard and attacked Lucy.  She had to have exploratory surgery Monday morning, but Dr. Brown was unable to save her.  She was my baby of the three.  She was the Alpha dog for sure....she let the others know when it was time to eat, play, go outside or even get in my lap.  She was fiesty for sure....she loved people and especially their feet and shoes.  I will miss her always.  This same dog injured a friend of mine's dog when they were visiting and killed our little Desi, again in my yard.  The owners had promised to keep the dog chained during the day.  After this happened with Lucy, they came down and assured me that the dog was given to someone in Benton.  I don't know why things like this have to happen!  Lucy wouldn't hurt a fly.  Gracie is recovering well physically, but I can tell that she and Mickie just don't understand what happened to Lucy.  Sometimes, life just doesn't seem fair.  I know that we are not supposed to question why things happen, but it sure is hard.

I went to the card making group at church yesterday.  We get together to make cards for the church to send to people on our prayer list....this is close to my heart...this has been my ministry for a few years now.  It is good therapy, for sure.  Kimberly went with me too.  I spent the night with her, went to church this morning, had lunch with her and then came back home. 

I miss my Mom so very is hard to believe that she has been gone for ten years.  I ache for Jennifer, I can't believe that she has been gone seven years now.  Sometimes, it seems like they have been gone forever and other times, it seems like only yesterday.  I have my memories to cherish of them, I am grateful for that and I know they both knew how very much I loved them.  I know that I will be with them again.  I miss Pete so much still just doesn't seem real!  It seems like he should still be here on the porch watching the birds in the morning while we have our coffee.  Next month, we would have been married for 43 years!  That is a long time to be with someone almost everyday, then it be taken away.

Aunt Toots, my Dad's sister, will be 90 years old next Sunday.  She lives in St, Louis with her daughter now, but we are celebrating her birthday in North Little Rock next Sunday.  She is such a strong and amazing woman.  She and Kimberly are going to come over here next Saturday for a visit.

I hope everyone had a great day and if you are fortunate enough to still have your Mom, I hope that you were able to hug her and tell her that you loved her!!

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