Friday, August 30, 2013


I can hardly believe that it is FINALLY here!  Tomorrow the Razorbacks have their first game of the season!  It seemed like waiting for Christmas to come!  But today, is Razorback Eve!  I love the Hogs and all the excitement!  The University of Arkansas has the best fans ever!

Tomorrow will certainly be a bittersweet day for me.  I am happy that the game is televised and I will be calling the Hogs!  It will certainly be a hard and sad day also, not having Pete here to watch the game with me.  We looked forward to watching college football on Saturdays, especially our Hogs!  We were both happy and excited over this season, having a new coach and hopes for a great year!  I will so miss him, not being here with me.  Saturdays are hard days for me was Saturdays, that we always did our errands in the morning, and it was on a Saturday that God called him home!  Saturdays will never be the same for me again, but neither will any other day.  Life has changed!  I just have to know that I will see him again and I cherish the memories of him.  I am sure that he and Jennifer, along with my Mom and Dad will be calling the Hogs from Heaven!

I am grateful that my sweet neighbors are Hog fans too, and that Brandi and Jarod are going to come down and watch the game with me.  Kim would have come over, but she would have been miserable....she is NOT a Razorback fan or a sport fan at all. 

Yes, tomorrow will be different, but I will get through it and will be calling the Hogs.....WOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE RAZORBACKS! 

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