Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My friend, Alison Chino, is so inspiring!  I love her writing, her recipes and her beautiful photography.  She and her family are in Scotland for the next three years.  Her husband, Taido, is one of the pastors of our church and he is going to school there for the next three years....they are such an amazing family and so inspiring!

Alison has started a group called #48 Walks....she is inviting people to take 48 walks this year.  They can be anywhere you choose.  She has a wonderful blog....Chino House.  I have been thinking about this since the first day I read her post about it.  I have decided to make the committment to do it!  I am still pretty shaky walking and must use my cane when out of the house.....but I am going to do it.  I will have short walks, but hopefully, I will build up my stamina and be able to increase them.  There are so many beautiful places here in Hot Springs to walk and such gorgeous scenery.  I could probably do all my walking right down the road from me in Gulpha Gorge National Park, and see something different with each walk.  Like I said, I will starrt out slow....even if I can just park a little further away from the door at the grocery store.  I know that the benefit of the fresh air and the beautiful scenery will be good for me emotionally and physically.  I am sure the dogs will love going with me at times and getting out of the house.  Anyone want to join me?

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