Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Since the passing of little Ginger, we have really felt a loss. Yesterday, we were blessed with a very special Christmas gift...Emma Grace! My wonderful friend, Stephanie, gave her to me. She is just adorable! She has been with us less than twenty-four hours, and has already won our hearts. Jazzabelle wasn't too thrilled to meet her at first, nor was she when we first got Ginger. Jazzabelle is such a loving and accepting dog...she will love having company when we aren't here. Little Emma is so sweet and it seems like she has always been here. It has been rainy and icy here all day. It is wonderful to see her new "Daddy" get the leash and ask her if she is ready to go out. She is longer and taller than Ginger was, but has alot of Ginger's facial features and her eyes are like Ginger's. Her "Daddy" calls her weenie dog...but she looks nothing like a weenie dog...she looks like Emma Grace....our new little angel!!

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