Saturday, December 26, 2009


We celebrated the miracle of our Savior's birth with my awesome sister, Kimberly. She is the most caring, supportive, inspirational, loving sister anyone could dream of having. She prepared a wonderful gourmet dinner complete with our very first was awesome. I know that our Mom was so proud of her baby daughter and her culinary talent! It seems that Kimberly has stepped into the role of family chef....she prepares wonderful dinners for Lisa, me and other guests every Sunday before our crafting day!

Kimberly lit the three beautiful candles that represent Mom, Dad and very happy that we have such wonderful, sweet memories of Christmases past to cherish!

With this CHRISTmas, I begin my fight once again for beating cancer....I already have week one almost down. I can feel the chemo working fighting those cells. I know that as last time...ten years ago...I will learn some more valuable life lessons and become a stronger person! There is a reason why everything happens and I put my trust in Him, who is in control and is truly the "Great Physician"!

I am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends....for all the love, encouragement and support that I am given each day!

I hope that everyone will slow down a little this coming year and savor what is really important in and receiving love from your loved ones and anyone else that you can help in some way! Try to make someone smile everyday!

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