Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finished Round #2 of Chemo!!!

Round 1 of chemo didn't go as well as I excpected. My blood count dropped extremely low and had to get three shots to bring it up causing bone pain and for me to be pretty well isolated! Had round 2 yesterday...will get an injection today that will hopefully keep my blood count up. Had a hard time getting IV started...almost had to postpone the chemo until after port placement tomorrow, but finally got it in! YAY!!

Kimberly, my awesome sister and chemo buddy, spent the day with me. We had a great day...and she treated me to my first manicure and pedicure....awwww felt soooo good! She is the greatest sister ever! We got to visit during chemo and met alot of other wonderful cancer patients...met one lady who had breast cancer twenty-five years ago at age 31..and now she is fighting colon cancer...another lady that had inflammatory breast cancer like me..four years ago and now it came back in her chest wall. We are all fighters and have such a bond already.

Dr. Sneed answered mine and Kimberly's questions. He said that I should go to church and Bible Study...he wants me to live my life while going through this. He said just be careful with hand washing and not be around people that I know is sick. He said I will stay on the Taxotere for awhile and if we find it not to be working, we will try another drug. He was very nice and encouraging.

Looking forward to getting my port tomorrow and having that behind me. One less thing to worry about!

Aunt Toots is coming for a visit this week...it will be wonderful seeing her.

I am facing this week with my gloves on and fighting like a girl!

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Stacie Hoo said...

Glad to hear round two went well and I hope your port placement went without a hitch, too. Sending you love and hugs! See you Sunday : )