Friday, January 29, 2010


It is sleeting here in Hot Springs...supposed to get snow also. I don't mind the pretty around the pond over here. I don't care for the ice...because of the driving conditions for people and the possibility of the loss of electricity....that is never a good thing! Whatever we get, hope it is gone by Sunday. I want to go to church and afterwards see my "sister friend" Lisa, for some ya ya fun...seems like it has been months since we have seen her! Plan on spending the night at Kimberly's on Sunday, then Round #3 of chemo on Monday! Still have my bumpy cuttle bug head, but looks like it might be getting a little better!

Bill and Judy are coming down from Illinois next week to will be good to see them...wish the grandkids were on Spring Break so they could come too...maybe they will be able to come down later!

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