Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recipient of a new Purple Titanium Power Port!!!

I arrived in Little Rock at the surgery center at 6:30 this morning and was on my way back home to Hot Springs by 10:15. I got my new Purple Titanium Power Port...Yay! Dr. Hagans is the greatest ever. He wasn't sure that he would be able to get it in because I had already had two ports previously. He didn't get it in on the left side because of scar tissue, but he did on the right..thank goodness, because if that hadn't worked, I would have been taken to Radiology and had it put in my neck!

When I went to sleep, I had my IV in my hand...when I woke up, the IV was in my foot! Thank Goodness my awesome sister treated me to a pedicure on Monday after chemo! She must have known...huh? I have really ugly feet!

Dr. Hagans says my new port will be ready to use for my next chemo on February 1st!

Pretty sore today...having to have two incisions....but am very thankful that it is in and that is one more thing I don't have to worry about. The nice thing about having the Power Port is that it is CT approved so that will help with my scans!

Still have my gloves on Fighting Like a Girl with God as my coach!

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