Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had round #13 of chemo yesterday....a great weekend leading up to it! I had great service at church and got to visit with friends..followed by great ya ya time with Kimberly and Lisa...lots of great crafting, wonderful food, laughing and visiting! After chemo, another good lunch and more crafting...such a good day, but tired and ready to be back home with my hubby and dogs! I did have a good night's sleep...Ambien won over the chemo steroids...YAY! Feels good to be able to sleep, especially on chemo days! I sure do miss talking to my sweet Anita on these nights, but glad that she is happy and healthy now and not having to worry abo such things!

It looks like I will be taking the chemo alot longer....he said as long as it is working! I will have another in PET SCAN in November to see where we are....just trying to be patient and know that God is in control and putting my trust in Him, the Great Physician! He is the one with the plan....not me! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Another thing I need to do is go back to Troy for my Lymphadema treatment....since beginning chemo again and having numerous infections in my arm and leg, my arm has really gotten big again..deserving of the name "Popeye Arm"! I will call for an appointment as soon as this infection in my leg is cleared up more and not leaking! This therapy is not something I look forward to....my arm will be wrapped from my shoulder to my finger tips, and I won't be able to write or make cards, which is my therapy! It is hard to do everything with your left arm and hand...but I will get through it as I did before.

I will have to be happy with the every two week chemo schedule right now also...can't take them every three weeks like I did the Taxotere, or they won't work! If you only do one of the two drugs, it has to be taken every week....so I will be happy staying on the two week schedule for now....most of the time the second week is not as bad as the first week, which gives me a few "normal" days!

Last week, I had a headache for a few days...but I read on the bottle of the Zofran for nausea that this drug can cause headaches...when I mentioned the headaches to Dr. Sneed, at first he was going to order a brain scan, but after telling him the headaches had stopped when I stopped the Zofran, he decided it wasn't necessary...WHEW!... that would be another stress that I don't want right now! He seems really pleasesd with my progress! So...."I will keep Fighting Like a Girl"...getting by with a little help from my friends, hubby, sister and the grace and love of God...knowing that He is the one with the plan and that He is in control and that He is good! I will keep my new friends that are beginning their fight...Marilyn and Dallis...and friends like Red, Judy, Bill, Chuck and Mike and others that continue their fight close in thought and prayer! We are in this together and it helps to know the support and prayers are there for us!


Denise Felton said...

Hang in there, sweet Debbie, and feel our love surrounding you. You da woman!

Love you,

ScrapbookDBA said...

Please start on your BOOK today!

Janine said...

Stay positive Debbie!!