Friday, August 20, 2010


After having to mnake such a hard life decision on Monday, I had to be admitted to the hospital...anyone who knows me, knows that this is my least favorite place to be and I try to avoid being in the hospitlal at all times! When I went to see Dr. Curtner, he thought that the leg and geysers were in need of treatment..his first choice was to put me in the hospital..the second choice was tring a compression Unna Boot..which I wanted to try first. When the lab he had drawn came back, my blood sugar was 400...the Unna Boot would not solve this problem! I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday...I had an echocardiogram..which thankfully is ultrasound on my legs..which showed normal blood flow...then a CT of the abdomen, which showed no blockage that would restrict blood flow to my legs...however, the CT did show a lesion on my spine that they think is metastatic breast cancer...I had a bone scan yesterday and am awaiting the results! The CT did show that the place on my left hip is gone! Praise the Lord! I sure wasn't expecting to find more cancer now, but if it turns out to be more cancer, I will be grateful that the leg problems led me to discover it at an early stage and that it will be treated and gone soon! I always say that everything happens for a reason and will just have to be patient and accepting of the outcome of this. I will keep my pink gloves out and continue to "Fight Like a Girl!"

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Denise Felton said...

Dang, girl! What a week you've had!I was thinking the same thing as you: If the spot on your spine needs treatment, how lucky it is that they happened to be shooting images of that part of your body for another reason! (Well, we know it's not luck. Somebody's got His eye on you.)

Love you!