Monday, April 8, 2013


Thanks to my wonderful sister, I finally have my craft room....all that is left is the organizing and decorating.  I have been on such a roller coaster trying to get this room done.  When Pete was so sick, he would do a little on it everyday....trying to get it finished.  Kimberly and I tried our best....going to Google and You tube, trying to learn how to do stuff.  My sweet nephew, Bobby, came over and set and framed the windows.  We found a guy to do the rest, which was a trip in itself.  A two day job ended bei ng two weeks.  His team that he sent were very stressful, not knowing what they were doing....the room had to be repainted because they painted one side of the room one color and used another color for the other side.  One of the helpers, which I called "Butterfly Tatoo Lady"  kept me pretty stressed the whole time.  On the last day she was here, she told us her throat was bleeding because she had throat cancer, smoked and people made her talk all the time.  One day while she was here, I timed her and she talked non stop for 55 minutes.  I finally went down there and asked her who she was talking to....she didn't use her inside voice either.  She said she was talking to Steve, the other helper.  I said well, I don't see him.....she said he was outside.  She had an excuse for everything.  They didn't even clean up their food and drink trash, much less the mess they left with paint cans and other trash.  Oh well, you live and learn.  I am just thrilled to have them out of my house!  I consider myself a pretty patient person, but this was a little much for me.  It's finally over....not perfect....but over.  Now, I will have the joy of putting the room together.  I can hardly wait to have a ya ya day and elebrate.

I had my first hummingbird yesterday.....God is good and He is good ALL the time!

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