Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today would have been my Mom and Dad's 63rd wedding anniversary! They were very happy together. They had many funny stories to tell of their early days....think that is how Mom got her nickname of "Lucy"! On their honeymoon, they drove with friends to California...they said money was tight, so they had to eat moon pies all the way there! June 6th is our 39th wedding anniversary. I always wondered why they didn't get upset when we were getting married only three months after we the day. Finds out, they only knew each three months also!

I miss them terribly! I talked to them every morning until the day they died. Even after six years, I find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call them! What is really strange about that is that we live in their house now LOL! We had many good times together. Growing up, we always knew that we were loved. I will miss them always. I am so thankful that I have many memories to cherish!

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