Friday, May 22, 2009


I had another appointment with Dr. Curtner on Tuesday. He did x-ray of my hip, at the suggestion of my physical therapist. He said that the x-ray showed arthritic changes in my hip! I will now be referred to an orthopedic doctor....thought that I would be able to find an orthopedic doctor here in Hot Springs, but after calling, found that it would be over a month before I could get an appointment. Dr. Curtner is going to get me an appointment with Dr. Webber in North Little Rock. He will hopefully rule out that I DON'T have avascular necrosis in my hip. From my research, this is not something I want to face right now....especially if it means see, I don't like surgery LOL! If I do have this condition, I hope that we are finding out early enough to be able to treat it with medications and physical therapy. That is my latest prayer request!

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