Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giving Thanks

Edwina's surgery went well...she said she could feel immediate relief from the thankful for that! I talked to Anita yesterday. She had her first chemo treatment yesterday and will take treatments for six months. She is so very strong and has such a positive attitude...she is a fighter and won before....praying for her constantly!

I was not supposed to see the hip doctor until the 30th....the earliest appointment he had. I talked to Aunt Toots and she told me about her 82 year old friend having hip replacement surgery and how well he is doing....I called and talked to his wife....called the next day and I have an appointment with him on Friday. It is with Dr. Hefley...after talking with Edwina, she said that Dr. Hefley did Mark's surgery and they loved him! Needless to say, I am very excited to have an appointment with him on Friday. I am ready to get this pain behind me. This has been a very tough week...I am sure that all this rainy weather we are having hasn't helped much!

I watched the Barbara Walters' interview with Patrick Swayze last night. I have loved him ever since I saw Dirty Dancing and Ghost...two of my all time favorite movies. The strength that he had fighting this horrible disease was amazing.....he LIVED til the end...he didn't ever give up. I admire his strength and attitude so very much, as well as that of his loving wife! My heart goes out to her during this most difficult time....what an amazing love story!

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